About Us


Kids’ Work

In 1978, our family owned operation was founded by Lynda in Ann Arbor, Michigan. From the beginning it was Lynda’s goal to provide a nurturing care environment that fostered creativity while allowing kids to explore the world around them. That original belief in surrounding children with loving caregivers who allow for open exploration, interactive experiences, and individual expression holds true for the Kids’ Work of today.

What’s in a name?

Before we were Kids’ Work, we were fittingly referred to as “Lynda’s House.”  It was the innocent wonderings of a little boy named Andy who would help define the Kids’ Work philosophy and our new name.

One morning he watched his mother pack her bag and asked, “What are you doing mommy?”  The mother explained that she was getting ready for work.  A little while later the mother noticed him gathering his belongings and putting them into a bag.  She asked him what he was doing.  In response he said, “I’m getting ready for kids work.”  It was so simple yet incredibly complete.  He knew it was his job to be a kid, and Lynda’s job to help him fulfill that role.  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Kids’ Work Chicago

After almost 30 years providing in-home child care and ten years of early elementary classroom teaching, our mother-daughter team came together bringing Kids’ Work to Chicago. Our combined experience maintained the original program’s developmental integrity while incorporating innovative academic components.  The resulting program continues to encompass the perfect balance of play based and academic learning concepts.

Kids’ Work Today

Our current centers are located just off the East bank of the Chicago River in the cities North Center neighborhood. Our newly renovated facilities feature individual classrooms, indoor multi-purpose play spaces as well as state of the art outdoor playgrounds. We offer a wide variety of full and part time care options with low teacher to student ratios, flexible drop off times and dedicated primary care classrooms.