Sierra Caron

Kids’ Work Chicago Director

Originally from the Green Mountains of Vermont, Sierra moved to Chicago to attain a Master’s Degree in child development from The Erikson Institute with a focus on infant development and administration. She came to us with a long history of working with children in private and daycare settings, and was immediately at home here at Kids’ Work.

“It is my heartfelt belief that all children should be met with love, patience and dedication. As an educator, I am passionate about the profession of early childhood education and meet each day with a positive approach, patience, and excitement to grow. I am grateful to find a center that supports these ideals and am so proud to be part of Kids’ Work Chicago.”

Beth Ekelof

Kids’ Work Chicago Too Director

A Chicagoland native, Beth completed her Master’s Degree in child development at The Erikson Institute.  From Kids’ Work Chicago’s opening day Beth has been a beneficial part of our growing community.  She has passionately worked her way from an assistant teacher to lead teacher to her current position, the director for our newly opened second building.

“I feel very fortunate to a part of an enriching, inviting environment in which children feel safe and supported to explore new ideas with confidence and curiosity.”