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“We were deciding between a nanny and daycare when we toured Kids’ Work. I cannot express how happy I am we chose to send my son here. While my son would have been taken care of at home or at other facilities, he was truly loved at KW.

One thing that set KW apart from other centers is that their teacher:infant ratio is 1:3. This was so important to me because my son started attending KW when he was only 11 weeks old, and I wanted my baby to be hugged!

The teachers and staff are all so amazing and warm. Our son was in the Addison room w/ Miss Alicia, Miss Iliana, Miss Kia, and Miss Pat, all of whom we loved. Sierra and Dani are the most wonderful directors. Not only are they caring, they are also responsive, respectful, and on top of things. The first time Dani called to tell me my son had a fever, I arrived to find him crying while being walked up and down the hall. Dani informed me of his temps at various times that day, and his other symptoms of discomfort. I felt so good knowing that when my little guy needed it the most, KW was there to comfort and care for him.

I was very concerned about my little guy getting sick in daycare. I realize every child is different, but in the 4 mos. my son was at KW, he only came home w/ a low-grade fever twice.

As an added bonus, KW gives you a list of teachers who are willing to babysit! That was amazing to us as first-time parents w/ no rolodex of babysitters.

We recently moved out of state. I literally cried when we had to pull my son from KW. I know he would have developed and grown if he’d been home w/ a nanny, or at another daycare center, but he truly thrived at KW. Thank you, KW, for giving us the best first childcare experience ever!”

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