Brad Baumgarten


“As 2 working parents we agonized about the decision about what to do with our son after he was born. Nanny share? Au pair? Daycare? Ultimately we chose Kids work daycare and we have been very happy with our choice. If you choose daycare you will have rough spots–your kid will get sick a lot in that first year. But ultimately, after 2 years and 3 different classrooms at Kids Work (infant, 1 year old and toddler), we feel we made the right decision in childcare.

The overwhelming positives of choosing Kids Work are the following:
1. First and foremost we’ve always felt like the staff in every one of our son’s classrooms truly cared about him. As a parent that means so much to you, feeling like the staff holds your baby enough and hugs him. Then as he gets older teaches him and plays with him. They have a real connection that goes beyond a job that feels like they really love my son.
2. They teach your children. I think this is a huge advantage of a professional daycare like Kids Work over a home day care or nanny. At 2 years old our son can count, sing songs, and does art projects and this is all things he’s learned almost exclusively at Kids Work. We feel when it comes to Kindergarten and first grade our son will enter with leg up having already learned so much starting so early at Kids Work.
3. The social interaction is good at Kids Work with both teachers and other children. We’ve gotten our son involved in classes outside of Kids Work like soccer or swimming and we can’t help but notice how much better our son is at following an adult’s instructions than other kids that haven’t been in daycare. I don’t think this is because our son is exceptional, I think it’s because he’s had practice.

Overall I would feel confident telling anybody and everybody I know that I wholeheartedly endorse Kids Work. They’re professional, responsible and most importantly they care about the children and show them the love they need. We’re moving soon and if we could we’d take Kids Work with us to our new home because we’ve been so happy with how they’ve treated our son.”

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