Ross M.


“We love Kids’ Work Chicago Too! Our child is in one of the Infant Rooms so my review can really only speak to our experience there – but so far it’s been awesome.

The ratio is the best we found for an infant room out of all the places we visited – 3 teachers to 8 kids! So that factor really swayed us, but everything else about this daycare is really incredible, too. The teachers are all really really great. They take the time to talk to us when we drop of our little guy and when we pick him up – so we’ve gotten to know them well and it’s fun to catch up and hear how the day went and even chat about what sort of upcoming plans we all have outside of daycare! And they are great with our kiddo, he gets so excited when he sees them in the morning. They have fun nicknames for him and even came up with a theme song they sing for him. It’s awesome.

He gets to do tons of art projects, sensory play, there’s a weekly music class – all sorts of things we probably wouldn’t even think to do with him at home. And they send us pictures and videos of him during the day so we can see what he’s up to.

We feel really lucky to have discovered this place. We were very nervous about all things daycare as most of our friends use nannies. But we really love it and now can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s such a good, warm, friendly spot with a great staff and I think the socialization skills even infants can learn at daycare are super important.”

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