Our Programs

Our programs are designed around the Creative Curriculum. This is a research and theory based tool developed to meets the needs of children and families through the use of specific, age-appropriate goals and objectives. The curriculum is a guide that allows teachers to build on the strengths of each individual child and support development through varied experiences and predictable routines. At Kids’ Work, teachers take advantage of every teachable moment to promote social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.

*We are committed to maintaining low teacher to student ratios, but should we have an emergency staffing situation, we reserve the right to follow DCFS ratios.


Infant Program

Six weeks - 14 months, Ratio 1:3

Toddler Program

15 months - 23 months, Ratio 1:4

Preschool Program

2 and 3 years, Ratio 1:6

Junior Kindergarten

4 and 5 years, Ratio 1:7