Your Child Sharpens Their Skills

Thanks To Certified Teachers, Small Classes, And Joyful Play

Your Child Sharpens Their Skills

Thanks To Certified Teachers, Small Classes, And Joyful Play

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A Full-Day Schedule Gets Your Child Back On Track

A full day schedule lets you get back to a reliable schedule, so you can dedicate time toward professional and personal goals while knowing your child is in good hands.

Small-Group Classes Boosts Learning

Your child benefits from low teacher to student ratios as more one-on-one teacher time is available to your child. A calm space where your child has the time and space to learn is a nurturing environment.

Certified Teachers Pack Expertise And Heart

Qualified teachers know your child’s curriculum in and out, understand milestones, and age-appropriate ways to support your child’s early learning. Among a dedicated crew, your child can feel the love they have for their craft.

Hands-On Learning Is Engaged Learning

Your child’s learning gets a boost that doesn’t come from worksheets. Projects take a deep dive into different themes and develop:

Social Time Sharpens Skills They'll Use Forever

Getting to know new people and nurturing friendships is crucial to developing the social skills your child will use throughout life. Socializing benefits mental and emotional wellbeing, so much so that the benefits trickle to increased grades in non-related subjects.

STEAM And State Standards Curriculums Equal Success

Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) and state learning standards drive your child’s curriculum. Your child learns:

Music, Movement, And Yoga Foster Good Health

Learning doesn’t stop at math and reading. Your child gains mindfulness skills, coordination and experiences the pure joy that comes with music and movement. Yoga and movement benefit physical health, while music expands learning and increases focus.

Indoor And Outdoor Play Keep The Doctor Away

A large multi-purpose room indoors invites team sports and lots of space to run, jump, and skip. Your child has fun under the sun on the playground–another round of tag with friends is healthy, breathless joy.

Organic Meals & Snack Fuel Growing Bodies

Delicious meals energize your child thanks to healthy fresh fruits and vegetables that are always organic and part of every meal. Healthy meals translate to healthy minds and bodies, build immunity, and give your child the nutrients to grow strong.

Our Parent Reviews

"The social interaction is good at Kids Work"
The social interaction is good at Kids Work with both teachers and other children. We've gotten our son involved in classes outside of Kids Work like soccer or swimming and we can't help but notice how much better our son is at following an adult's instructions than other kids that haven't been in daycare. I don't think this is because our son is exceptional, I think it's because he's had practice.
- Brad B.
"the level of care is outstanding "
What an incredible experience Kids’ Work Chicago is for both of our children! Our oldest son, who is almost three, has been at Kids’ Work since it first opened. Our other son is seven months old and has been there four months. Both of our children immediately adjusted and are always happy to go to Kids’ Work. As full-time working parents, we are so very lucky to have found such a wonderful place for our children to attend
- Jamie
"I cannot say enough good things about this daycare center"
I cannot say enough good things about this daycare center! My child is in one of the infant classrooms and is very well cared for... dare I even say loved! We started daycare for our son at 3 months of age and I have never had a worry or concern when leaving him with his teachers. I honestly have never felt as good about leaving my child in someone else's care as I do when I leave him at Kids' Work.
- Tammy E.