Kindergarten You Can Count On!

A Progressive Early Elementary Program

Scholars - Kindergarten | 5 - 7 Years | Serving Chicago, IL

Progressive Small Group Approach

We believe in following your child’s interest and meeting them where they are academically, so they can grow to their full potential. Our small group atmosphere provides ample opportunity for individualized and differentiated instruction.

Safe, Joyful, and Engaging Classroom Environment

Our Responsive Classroom setting incorporates a mindful approach promoting social-emotional, self, and group awareness as well as responsible decision making, relationship, and self-management skills.

Fostering a Life Long Love for Learning!

Our program employs Lucy Calkin’s approach to incorporate reading, writing, and phonics, with research workshops . This well founded program allows children to utilize a variety of modalities throughout their learning experience while accommodating for both individual interest and self-selection.

Integrated S.T.E.A.M Instruction

Rounding out our standards based learning program,  is our instruction in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. Our Scholar’s team creates meaningful context  for these learning opportunities while leaning on programs such as Erikson TEC  Mentors and Erikson Early Math Collaborative.

Focus on Physical Growth and Development

Your Kids’ Work Scholar will have spacious indoor and outdoor large muscle environments to explore while developing motor skills, coordination, critical thinking, and overall physical fitness. Our dedicated on-site outdoor learning environment provides our parents with the reassurance that their child will be safe and secure throughout the day.

Organic Family Style Meal Plan

Healthy Organic Kids catering service provides our growing Scholars with healthy and freshly prepared meals and snacks each day.  We serve meals in a family style setting that helps to encourages development of table manner and social skills.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

In addition to our top notch learning opportunities Kids’ Work Scholars receive supplemental opportunities for music with Ms. Elisa of WeeGroove, yoga with Buddha Belly Yoga, and dance with All About Dance throughout the week. Conversational Spanish instruction is immersed into the natural daily routines of our Scholars students as they learn words, phrases, and songs.

We'll Be Here For Your Family

  • Our Kids’ Work Chicago Scholars program has been serving families just like yours consistently and reliably throughout the Covid-19 Pandemic. We recognize the importance of providing a safe and healthy environment that our families can count on to be available through even the toughest times!

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Consistent and Reliable Communication

Our Scholars staff provide families with daily check-in information through our Seesaw parent communication app.  They’re also dedicated to holding frequent teacher and parent one-to-ones as well as bi-annual goal setting conferences.

Safety Is Our First Priority

The health and safety of our Kids’ Work Scholars is our highest priority.  Staff members are kept up to date on their first aid and CPR trainings.  Our locations are safe and secure featuring monitored and recorded security cameras.  All exterior doors are locked for added safety, and use of ProCare’s Keyless Entry System allows only for the entry of families and authorized staff members.

Our Parent Reviews

The Scholars program has been a fantastic extension of the KW daycare.  It is the same level of support and attention for each child as we have come accustomed to with a more rigorous curriculum designed to challenge each child while focusing on building a community.  I have been impressed with the variety of group activities and how much my son has progressed in the past year, individually and as a member of the broader class.  He has been exposed to poetry, math games, building, STEM, research, and the solar system, each in a unique way that keeps him interested and wanting to learn more.
- Jen
In a year where it seemed like planning was impossible for our kids, Kids' Work Chicago provided the safe, structured and social environment for them to thrive.

  As one of the biggest early transitions, the Kindergarten option at KWC checked all of our expectations and more providing a robust curriculum with room for our child to grow and develop independence. We would have been lost this year without the KWC team providing a safe in-person learning experience for our son.
- Bautista Family
The KW Kindergarten program has gone above and beyond my expectations.  What started as a necessary, safe, and very welcome bridge for learning during COVID - has truly turned into a wonderful experience for our child and family.  The teachers are not only caring, they are engaged and effective.  There is a strong emphasis on community and social-emotional needs that is so vital during this transition from “little” to “big” kid.  Our daughter has grown into a more well-rounded child with the care and attention she received in the program, ready to take on 1st grade with confidence.
- Della