Getting Set Up For Success

Your Child Gains Essential Life and School Skills

Kindergarten | 5 - 7 Years | Serving Chicago, IL

Engaging, Hands-On Curriculum

The best of Montessori and Reggio curriculums create engaging, theme-based learning focusses on the interests of your child. We develop hands-on experiences that immerse your child in a world that develops their highest learning potential.

Every Moment is a
Learning Moment

At Kids’ Work, we take advantage of every moment of interaction to promote social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. These “teachable moments” allow us to develop your child’s knowledge and skills at the perfect pace for them, in a comfortable yet stimulating way.

Plenty Of Self- Directed Playtime

We allow your little ones to engage in self-directed play every day, encouraging them to make conscious decisions and feed their interests. Whether it’s block play, arts, and crafts, reading or sharing toys with friends, this time allows preschoolers to foster independence while sharpening their skill sets.

An Early Start To
School Success

To prepare your little ones well in advance for their entry to kindergarten, we offer focused math, science, phonics, and literacy activities within our blended curriculum. Introducing these subjects at a young age helps children prepare for their formal studies later on in life.

Undivided Attention
and Guidance

With our small, intimate classroom ratios of 1 instructor to six children, your preschooler will be sure to receive plenty of attention, care, and guidance. Highly experienced and well-educated teachers consistently keep track of each child’s developmental abilities and plan for their needs.

A Bilingual Curriculum

All of our programs are offered in both English and Spanish, ensuring your toddler becomes bilingual at an early age. Spanish instruction sets the foundation for improving their language skills over the years to come. Our staff members build in daily practice opportunities within their regular weekly lesson plans.

Weekly Yoga and
Daily Exercise

Kids’ Work offers regular outdoor play sessions, as well as sports activities and a weekly yoga class. Coordinated movement at this early age encourages self-esteem and body awareness while promoting flexibility, strength, and coordination.

An Emphasis On The Arts

Based on findings that children thrive in a sensory-rich environment, we offer a weekly music class to students, as well as dramatic play opportunities and regular craft activities. Singing, dancing, painting, and artistic expression allows children to be as creative as they’d like while teaching them new skills.

Family Style, Healthy Meals

We subscribe to the family-style meal concept, which allows teachers and children to eat together in a relaxed environment. All meals can accommodate a wide range of dietary restrictions.

Regular Communication Updates

We understand the importance of communication so that parents are engaged, informed, and connected to their child’s progress and daily routine. Our open-door policy means that parents are always welcome, while our online portal Brightwheel allows families to access daily news, updates, and photos.

Safety Comes First

We provide CPR and first aid training for all of our staff members to ensure the ultimate levels of safety. Each classroom is equipped with an emergency first aid kit, and our nurse consultant provides regular training on correct use and application of action plans, rescue inhalers, and EpiPens.

Our Parent Reviews

"Kids’ Work brought light back to our son’s face"
Kids’ Work provides a warm, safe, and enriching environment that not only accepts but values the unique nature of each child. Kids’ Work brought light back to our son’s face after a difficult experience at another preschool. When I told the staff at Kids’ Work that he still had accidents and wasn’t completely potty-trained, fully expecting to be scolded as we were at our previous school, the response was, “of course he does, he’s only three!” I knew right then it would be a wonderful fit not only for our son, but for us as parents.
- Helena L.
"They share pics of my kid multiple times of the day"
The only place I've visited where I think they take better care of my kid than I could do on my own! They share pics of my kid multiple times of the day and provide a level of stimulation and social interaction that I simply could not do myself. She has already learned so much. I wish I could be there to learn some of the songs myself and splash in the sensory table. One of the best decisions we ever made for our child, and for us.
- David L.
"The entire staff is truly invested in each child"
We started our daughter here when she was 3, and we were so incredibly happy with the experience. She attended part-time, but even though we weren't there but a couple days a week, we felt part of the Kid's Work family. The entire staff is truly invested in each child, and our daughter loved her friends a teachers. The projects and daily play immediately engaged her in and out of the classroom. Our daughter is now at our neighborhood school, but we started our son there. He is enjoying it just as much!
- Alison S.