4 Incredibly Memorable Chicago Sleepover Experiences for You and the Kids

Sleepovers are always fun as a kid – but here are some super special sleepover opportunities in Chicago for you and the kids that will really make for some great childhood memories!

Sleepover Safari at the Brookfield Zoo

What better way to learn about and enjoy the zoo animals than a sleepover safari at the zoo with them? You and the kids will get to enjoy various activities and learning opportunities, a night hike through the zoo, and a fun ice cream social to top it all off before tucking in for the evening. For breakfast, enjoy a breakfast buffet and a stroll through the zoo. Even though the sleepover experience finishes up at 10a, a full day’s zoo admission is included for that day so you can spend all the rest of the day exploring and enjoying the animal exhibits at your leisure. There are only 5 dates left available to book in 2019 starting in September so be sure to book well in advance. An adult chaperone must accompany a child. Ages are 6-12, $85 (or $75 for members).

Asleep with the Fishes at Shedd Aquarium

One of the huge perks of this sleepover is that you get to meander through the aquarium and check out all the open exhibits without any crowds! The night will be full of exploring, crafts, a scavenger hunt, science and animal activities, animal encounters, and more! This experience is for kids 5-12 and one adult is required per every 5 kids (and one kid per every 3 adults!). You’ll want to check out the aquarium’s website for upcoming dates and book early to get your family’s spot! $85 (or $70 for members) for the experience includes a late night snack and breakfast.

Campout at the Zoo at the Lincoln Park Zoo

If you want another zoo-themed overnight and a camping trip to remember, bring your tent and sleeping bags to the Lincoln Park Zoo for an incredible campout at the zoo! You’ll pop your tent then spend your time enjoying animal activity stations, sitting around the a campfire eating smores, and hanging out with some very memorable furry friends! Wake up to the sounds of birds and monkeys that you won’t find in just any old campsite, and enjoy a leisurely morning hike to finish off the campout experience. One adult is required to book for every 5 kids ages 5-12, with breakfast included and dinner available for an extra cost in advance. The campout is $65 (or $55 for members of the zoo), with an optional $15 tent rental fee.

Dozin’ with the Dinos at the Field Museum

Kids ages 6-12 can have a blast with Sue the T. Rex at Dozin’ With Dinos at the Field Museum. They’ll play games, try out instruments from all around the world, do fun science things like dissecting owl pellets, and have a big adventure exploring the museum by flashlight, then drift off to sleep among the museum’s wonderful exhibits. The experience begins Fridays at 5:45pm and goes til Saturday at 9am. One adult of at least 21 years old is required per every 3 kids; the base experience is $70 (or $65 for members), or for $83 ($73 for members) you can do the premium experience and get to sleep in the Dinosaur Hall. Snack and breakfast is included.

Enjoy those very special zzzzzz’s!

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