Why Choose Us?

Our mission to: provide Positivity, Support, and Balance for young children and their families guides us in all that we do. 

We value the relationships we have with our families and work to go above and beyond in our method of service

Throughout your time with Kids’ Work these are some of the many value benefits you’ll experience!

Red Tricycle Award Winner

Proud multi-year winner of The Red Tricycle Award thanks to the thousands of readers who voted us the best childcare and preschool.

Free App

Crystal clear communication connects parents with their child’s learning journey and their day-to-day activities through a free app.

weekly lesson plans

Our shared weekly lesson plans keep you engaged and able to build on classroom themes at home with your child.

process-Based approach

An approach that is process-based and not product-based values creativity and self expression while addressing key learning objectives.

emotional growth

We nurture your child’s emotional growth and provide a solid base for successful learning, ensuring they’ll excel socially as well as academically.

gains confidence

Your child develops practical skills, self-sufficiency, and gains confidence so they are eager participants at home, in school, and in the community.

evidence-Driven curriculum

Our evidence-driven curriculum includes yoga, music, and dance to foster communication and connection through movement and mindfulness.

Spanish instruction

Spanish instruction introduces your child to a global mindset as they learn about not only the language, but about themselves and others’ values, beliefs, and culture.

Healthy Organic Kids

You can count on our healthy fruit and vegetable-rich breakfasts, lunches, and snacks thanks to our partnership with Healthy Organic Kids.

camera Equipped Facility

Your little one stays safe thanks to our facility wide monitored and recorded surveillance system. Rest assured your child is safe at all times.

extra personalized attention

Additional building staff means extra personalized attention and support as your child learns to trust those that care for them and the world around them.

experienced team

Our experienced team models behaviors such as respect, collaboration, and empathy supporting your child as they learn, develop, and grow in the Kids’ Work family!