5 Reasons Going to Summer Camp is Great for Kids!

Summer is in full swing and thousands of parents have sent their kids into the wilderness, where their little campers are enjoying some wonderful summer days at summer camp. Are you considering whether summer camp is a good idea for your kid? 

Here are 5 reasons sending kids to summer camp is a great idea: 

They Spend Their Summer Days Outside and Unplugged from Screens and Technology

Kids spend a lot of time these days sitting down indoors, and often staring at a screen. At camp they run, play, swim, jump, hike, climb and spend their time staring at stars, trees, wildflowers, wildlife, and nature instead! Many camps don’t allow the use of phones or other technology, which gives kids a much-needed break from computers, cell phones, TV, and the Internet, and keeps them physically active and enjoying nature and face to face interaction instead. It’s a wonderful way for kids to get at least an annual “reset” and make sure they are as connected to the outdoors as they are to their technology. 

They Get to Try New Things

Camp pushes kids out of their comfort zones and gives them ample opportunity to explore new activities and experiences that they may not be familiar with – from sleeping away from home and in a tent or cabin, to rock climbing, archery, backpacking, and more! Campers get to try out tons of different things and discover new interests and activities that may last them a lifetime as a hobby or passion! 

They Become More independent 

Camp takes a child out of the routine with their parents and provides an opportunity for kids to make independent decisions in a safe environment. Without Mom or Dad there to support them and telling them what to do, kids get to practice making decisions for themselves, push themselves with their own courage, and become more self-reliant as they discover new aspects of themselves and discover their strengths and weaknesses. Through this process, they will leave camp with a stronger sense of self and identity and a better idea of what works for them and what doesn’t. You may be amazed at the kid who comes home from summer camp versus the one you sent away!

They Get to Explore New People and New Friendships

Summer camp brings together kids from all kinds of different backgrounds and situations. Getting to meet other kids with similar interests, as well as meeting new friends with totally different backgrounds, which helps to develop interpersonal adaptability and flexibility. Regardless of their differences, campers bond over the shared camp experience of living and playing together, facing challenges together and encouraging each other through them. Even though they may live far apart the rest of the time, many camp friendships last throughout multiple summers and beyond!

They Make Unique Lifelong Memories

At camp, kids get to experience the joys of living surrounded by nature, getting covered in dirt from a day’s active outdoor play, going on big adventures every day, enjoying laughter-filled days and hanging out under the stars around the campfire with friends at night. In addition to all the developmental benefits, where else can a kid get so many action-packed memories of trying horseback riding, archery, stand-up paddle boarding, mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, swimming in the lake, cliff jumping, music, arts and crafts, sleeping outside under the stars, cooking over a campfire, and more in a single week? These wonderful, unique childhood memories will last forever!

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