Alternative Halloween Trick-or-Treating Treats

Well, it’s the big day! Trick-or-treat time! Are you ready for those adorable little ghosts and goblins and witches to come to your door, looking for some treats?

The traditional Halloween candy treats – candy corn, fun-sized chocolate bars, mini candy boxes – are great, but sometimes kids have allergies to Halloween candy, or their parents don’t allow them to eat junk food, or maybe they just don’t like sugar and chocolate. Whatever the case for these little ones, you may want to have a stash of non-candy trick-or-treating treats to hand out on Halloween.

Or maybe you just want to spice it up a bit for the kids with something special. But what can you offer?

Here are some ideas for non-traditional treats you can give to your trick or treaters:

1. Goodie bags

It’s a treat and a present all in one – stuff it with little souvenirs, small pieces of candy, and maybe a little bit of money.

2. Full-sized candy bars

Everyone gives fun-sized candy bars for Halloween. What would a kid think about getting a full-sized Butterfingers bar or whole pack of Skittles all for his very own?

3. GIANT-sized candy bars and candies

You know the ones, the kinds you can get in specialty shops – a box of NERDS the size of your torso, a bag of gummy bears 2 feet across. You probably won’t be able to buy a ton but the lucky kids who get one will get a real kick out of it.

4. Toothbrushes and/or mini toothpastes and/or dental floss

A good reminder for those kids to brush their teeth and floss after eating all that candy the next few weeks!

5. Juice boxes

A kid can get thirsty with all that walking around. Everyone will enjoy a little refreshing juice box, Capri Sun, or something similar.

6. Otterpops

Give them out warm, and the kids won’t have to worry about them melting and making a mess in their Halloween bag. They can freeze them at home.

7. Fun pencils

A bag of Halloween-themed pencils can be cheap to pick up around the holiday. Kids love getting fun pencils, and teachers will appreciate the school supplies help too!

8. Fun erasers

Another thing that can be really fun to give out is those little themed rubber erasers – a fall or Halloween-themed bunch can be fun, or you can get ahead of the game and give out some winter- and Christmas- or Thanksgiving-themed ones.

9. Candied or Caramel Apples

It’s probably only worth doing this if you live in a small and very familiar neighborhood where everyone knows each other, otherwise most likely your gift will go to waste because people are afraid of their kids getting poisoned with homemade things. But if you do live in a small community where you know everyone trusts each other, these could be great alternative treats!

Happy Halloween, and have fun seeing all the fun costumes and giving out fun treats this year!

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