Building Your Little Reader’s Library, Part 2: Summer Edition

Summer is here in Chicago and it’s as important as ever to keep reading with your kids. Here is a summer edition for adding some summer reading books to your little reader’s library. You can also find other great books in our previous article Building Your Little Reader’s Library, Part 1.

1. Little Bird’s Bad Word
By Jacob Grant

Little Bird has just picked up some a new vocabulary word from Dad bird, and unfortunately doesn’t realize it’s a bad word that shouldn’t be eagerly shared with his friends, or he’ll get into trouble. A great read and important lesson with fun illustrations to share together before your little one heads off to summer camp or grandma’s house, where they too may be exposed to a lot of new words.

2. Welcome to the Neighborwood
By Shawn Sheehy

Summertime is the time for camping and canoeing, hiking and playing in the woods, rivers, and lakes, having campfires and spending time in nature, exploring everything you can. This fun book has great pop-ups for lovers of animals and bugs to delight in, either before or after your big outdoors outings this summer. The pop-up animals are the kinds of animals you can find in the woods, ponds, or even in our own backyards, so your child will have the chance to see them first in the book and then try to find them outside as well. They’ll love it!

3. Good Night, Firefly
By Gabriel Alborozo

One of many people’s favorite childhood memories is getting to run around chasing and trying to catch fireflies. Nina is afraid of the dark and manages to get one to keep in a jar in her room to ward off the shadows. When her firefly’s light begins to grow dim, however, Nina must figure out what she needs to do for her firefly.

4. Toot & Puddle: You Are My Sunshine
By Holly Hobbie

Toot & Puddle: You Are My Sunshine tells the story about two friend pigs, Toot and Puddle. Toot is in a bad mood one day, despite it being beautiful outside, so Puddle takes to the task of trying to cheer up his friend on this wonderful day. He bakes Toot his favorite berry cobbler, takes him on a whitewater rafting adventure, even heads into the woods and invites friends over for a game of hide and seek in the trees. But nothing seems to help – until a big thunderstorm comes through. If you like this Toot and Puddle story, you can check out others in the series as well. Toot and Puddle fast become a beloved favorite for many children.

5. Ice Cream Summer
By Peter Sis

Do you love the sound of the ice cream truck coming around the corner in the summer? Your kids probably do! One little boy, Joe, has an incredible fascination with ice cream, and the bright, rainbow of watercolor illustrations presents fun facts about the invention of ice cream that kids will enjoy and find entertaining. Have them point out the ice cream incorporated into each picture for bonus fun!

Happy summer reading!

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