Building Your Little Reader’s Library, Part 3: the Learning Edition

The learning never stops when you’re a young child and budding reader, and long summer days mean lots of opportunities to do something fun like head to the park and sit in the shade, sip some lemonade, and read a book together.

Or maybe you’ll have the chance to cozy up in the back seat and read together on one of those long family drives to visit grandparents or theme parks over the summer vacation. Reading time is always a good time, no matter where you are! Be sure to check out Part 1 of this series for building your child’s library, and Part 2: the Summer Edition.

Here are some great books for young readers that will help them learn more about the world around them, in fun and simple ways:

1. P is for Potty!
By Naomi Kleinberg

Speaking of long road trips…if you’re in the midst of potty-training your toddler and find yourself making a long cross-country summer trip, now may be the perfect time to make a potty-training book one of your go-tos for reading time! Sesame Street characters will make the whole process much more fun. Elmo is there to explain how to use the potty with more than 30 liftable flaps in this sturdy little board book, which gives the perfect mix of fun and education on a very important topic!

2. The Family Book
By Todd Parr

If you want to engage your young child in a simple but meaningful way about how different families can be, grab a copy of the well-loved book The Family Book, by Todd Parr. This book does a wonderful job of exploring our love for our families, no matter what size or shape they may be – big or small, neat and tidy or terribly messy, two dads or two moms – whatever the case, Parr’s message is clear: every family is special and unique, and worth celebrating! Written for young beginning readers in a playful tone with bold colors and fun scenes, The Family Book will have kids asking questions, learning about and celebrating diversity and multiculturalism, and building stronger understandings about family relationships.

3. The Feelings Book
By Todd Parr

If you enjoy Todd Parr’s book on families, you may also like to check out his book about feelings. Like The Family Book, The Feelings Book takes a look at the broad spectrum of its topic, and illustrates the various examples in fun and exciting ways. Ranging from how we sometimes feel silly or brave, to sometimes we feel like eating pizza for breakfast (don’t we all!), Parr makes learning about and discussing emotions accessible and fun for young beginning readers.

4. Dr. Seuss’s ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book!
By Dr. Seuss

This may well be the best alphabet book there is, and surely one of the most classic. The ever-popular Dr. Seuss leads the young reader through the alphabet with the whackiest of characters, such as the unforgettable favorite, Zizzer-Zazzer-Zuzz, whose name even adults will love saying over and over, and fantastic alliteration (we all love to look at a lazy lion licking a lollipop, after all!), all of which helps kids to learn their ABCs in a fun and entertaining way.

5. Freight Train
By Donald Crews

If your little one is crazy about trains, this is a great addition to their personal home library. With this cute little book by Donald Crews, you and your child can delight in learning all the names of the train cars and more through fantastic illustrations. Your little train lover will be a train expert in no time – and you just might be, too!

Happy reading and learning!

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