Choosing your Chicago daycare

One of the most important decisions for any working parent is where to entrust the care of their child when they need to work or get things done without the little ones in tow.

Here are a few things to look for when selecting good Chicago daycare for your child:


Communication with parents is an extremely important way for a quality daycare to establish trust and good will with its clients. Notes and emails, newsletters, and well-maintained websites that include all pertinent and useful information about the daycare’s facility, staff, and programming are good ways to evaluate the quality of a daycare.

If a daycare is committed to a relationship with you as the parent, it is a good indication that they will strive to develop a good and strong relationship with your little one. The staff should seek to make you feel comfortable and respected, and work with you to develop a plan for your child. They should give you feedback on how your child is doing with his or her peers and the staff.

By working to keep you meaningfully engaged in what your child is doing and learning even in the times that you are away, you will be able to stay involved and connected with your child – even while they gain important independence and socialization away from home.

Health, Nutrition, and Physical Fitness

It’s no secret to any parent of young children that physical fitness and exercise is a huge part of their life. Activity promotes learning, development, happiness, and a healthy balanced lifestyle for children. They need to be able to get up and move, run around and play in a safe and clean environment.

Playground equipment should be sturdy and have soft landing areas, and there should be opportunities for everyone to get out and enjoy the outdoors, from newborns and toddlers to young children, under competent supervision. Additionally, because weather doesn’t always cooperate, it’s important that the daycare also has inside space for the children to be able to get their exercise and activity during the day.

Because your children will be at the daycare for a large part of the day, nutrition and diet is also an important factor in choosing good Chicago daycare. Fresh fruits and vegetables should definitely feature on the menu every day. Make sure the facility you choose is serving healthy and balanced food selections for your child, keeping in mind any allergies or dietary restrictions.

Safety and Security

As much as fun and development is important in a good daycare, the number one priority of any quality daycare facility must be the safety and security of its children.

A good daycare will be clean and organized, with adequate and qualified staffing. Because good CPR and first aid training can save a life at any time, it is important that all staff members of a daycare facility are provided with proper training and certifications to ensure your child is in safe hands at all times.

Classrooms should be equipped with emergency first aid kits including things such as emergency inhalers and EpiPens in case of an unexpected allergic reaction.

It can be a big decision which daycare to place your child in, but knowing what to look for in a quality Chicago daycare should definitely help with the selection process.

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