Ideas for new baby gear

It can be overwhelming as a new parent to figure out, amongst the sea of new baby gear that is available, what is really useful and needed, and what is just hype. While it’s good to be prepared ahead of time, there are an infinite number of things you could easily add to this list, and remember that it’s ok to add to your collection of gear as you go; don’t feel the need to accumulate everything all at once or before your baby even arrives.

Here’s a few pieces of new baby gear you’ll probably want to have around to get you started:

  1. Clothes

    Clothe that baby! Sizes usually run as: preemie, newborn, and then by months in increments of 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. Comfort for the baby and ease for you are the key things in selecting clothing. You’ll want it to be able to hold up through many washings in the laundry machine as well, so pick something as durable as it is cute.

  2. Car seat

    A well-made, new car seat is mandatory from the moment you take your baby home from the hospital. Don’t buy a car seat with an unknown history; it’s not worth the risk of buying a used one just to save some money; buying new could mean the difference in saving your child’s life in an accident. There are lots of things to know about car seat safety for children – check out our article on Car Seat Safety and Proper Use

  3. Body Baby Carrier

    Wearing a carrier for your baby will both keep your baby close to you and allow them to cuddle with you while you do things, as well as keep both your hands free for doing other things around the house or wherever you are. Many people swear by slings, but make sure you’re aware of all possible health and safety hazards, and ensure all straps and safety mechanisms are sound.

  4. Stroller

    A stroller and/or baby seat will make your life infinitely easier when it comes to shopping, cruising around town, or even getting your exercise in after baby is born. Consider your personal needs with the stroller when shopping – do you have to negotiate a lot of stairs? Do you need a jogger-style stroller so you can take your baby with you when you exercise? Do you need storage to put things when shopping or going between places? There are a lot of options available so you should be able to find one that suits your needs well. One thing to keep in mind when looking at strollers is that most strollers won’t work for kiddos until they have good head control, so finding a stroller that can adapt to work with the infant car seat is a beneficial idea.

  5. Diapers and things

    Cloth or disposable diapers are up to you, but figure on that little human going through 10-12 diapers a day in the beginning. Have wipes (or a washcloth with warm water) on hand, and a designated diaper-changing area. You can go for buying an official changing table, or do what some parents do – put a towel on a table, bed or floor and call it good. Just make sure if you use an elevated surface that isn’t an official changing table designed to keep them from rolling off, keep your hand on your baby at all times to keep them safe.

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