Getting Set For Success

Your Child Gains Essential Life and School Skills

Ours is a nurturing, stimulating, and accepting learning environment that supports young children in developing social skills, self-confidence, and an understanding of the world around them.

Getting Set For Success

Your Child Gains Essential Life and School Skills

Preschool | 2-3 years | Serving Chicago, IL

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Join us for a comprehensive tour (either in person or through Zoom) for 45-60 minutes. We look forward to discussing your family’s child care needs and sharing our beautiful center with you.

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Engaging and Hands-On Curriculum

The best of Waldorf, Montessori, and Reggio Emilia early learning philosophies, create engaging, theme-based learning focusing on the interests of your child. We develop hands-on experiences that immerse your child in a world of activities designed to develop their highest learning potential.

Every Moment is a Learning Moment

At Kids’ Work, we like to take advantage of typical everyday interaction. Utilizing these “teachable moments” allows for the natural and authentic development of important social, emotional, cognitive, and physical early learning skills.

Plenty Of Self-Directed Playtime

We allow your little one to engage in self-directed play every day, encouraging them to make conscious decisions and feed their interests. Whether it’s block play, art, reading, or interacting with friends, this time fosters your preschooler’s independence and problem solving skills.

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An Early Start To School Success

In utilizing Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum, our educators develop standards based learning environments designed around rich themes of interest. Early reading, writing, and math readiness skills are introduced within a hands-on experiential settingLearning Without Tears is also introduced at this point providing additional early exposure to the building block of future learning.

NIPSA Accreditation - A Mark of Excellence

Kids’ Work Chicago Riverview is proud to be accredited by NIPSA (National Independent Private School Association). The organization surveyed our school in 16 different areas, from philosophy, curriculum, organization, safety, and staff to student services, parent community, our building, finances, and more. The visiting delegates were so impressed with the teachers and their interactions with the children, the parents’ positive reviews of the school, and our “meticulously maintained early childhood program.” We are so proud and so grateful for our Kids’ Work community and are so happy to hold this mark of distinction!

Individualized Attention and Guidance

It is our goal to provide every child in our group with the tailored and individualized attention, care, and guidance they deserve. Our highly qualified and experienced educators monitor and plan for each child’s academic and developmental needs.

Language, Music, & Movement Boost Their Cognitive Skills

Your child’s well-rounded education includes weekly 25-minute Spanish lessons from Lango Chicago, Buddha Belly Yoga, music with Ms. Elisa from Wee Groove, and classes with All About Dance. Their communication and motor skills soar, at no extra cost to you.

Fresh Air and Exersice

Kids’ Work offers regular opportunities for outdoor play and exploration! Our private, onsite, and secure playground provides space for developing coordination and balance. Our river side location provides the perfect location for relaxing walks and observing nature in action

Daily Artistic Activities Let Their Creativity Shine

Daily classroom activities include music, dramatic play, and art. Your child’s budding creativity blooms with singing, dancing, painting, and artistic expression that allows them to explore their passions while they learn and grow.

Healthy Family Style Meals

We subscribe to the family-style meal concept, which allows teachers and children to eat together in a relaxed environment. Our catering company, Healthy Organic Kids offeres refined meal plans exposing your child to a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables while helping in the development of a healthy and varied palate.

Regular Communication Updates

We understand the importance of communication so parents always feel engaged, informed, and connected to their child’s day. In combination with our classroom Daily Charts which track your child’s eating, sleeping, and bathroom habits, use of the Brightwheel parent communication app also allows teachers to share photos and anecdotal snippets each day.

Added Support For Parents

We’re here to help with all the little things, so don’t worry.  Once your child shows signs of readiness, we guide parents through the potty training process.  In the meantime, we provide all diapers, wipes, and ointments as well as lotion and sunscreen.

Safety Comes First

The health and safety of our students is our highest priority.  Staff members are kept up to date on their first aid and CPR trainings.  Our locations are safe and secure featuring monitored and recorded security cameras.  All exterior doors are locked for added safety, and use of KISI Keyless Entry System allows only for the entry of families and authorized staff members.

Our Parent Reviews

"Kids’ Work brought light back to our son’s face"
Kids’ Work provides a warm, safe, and enriching environment that not only accepts but values the unique nature of each child. Kids’ Work brought light back to our son’s face after a difficult experience at another preschool. When I told the staff at Kids’ Work that he still had accidents and wasn’t completely potty-trained, fully expecting to be scolded as we were at our previous school, the response was, “of course he does, he’s only three!” I knew right then it would be a wonderful fit not only for our son, but for us as parents.
- Helena L.
"They share pics of my kid multiple times of the day"
The only place I've visited where I think they take better care of my kid than I could do on my own! They share pics of my kid multiple times of the day and provide a level of stimulation and social interaction that I simply could not do myself. She has already learned so much. I wish I could be there to learn some of the songs myself and splash in the sensory table. One of the best decisions we ever made for our child, and for us.
- David L.
"The entire staff is truly invested in each child"
We started our daughter here when she was 3, and we were so incredibly happy with the experience. She attended part-time, but even though we weren't there but a couple days a week, we felt part of the Kid's Work family. The entire staff is truly invested in each child, and our daughter loved her friends a teachers. The projects and daily play immediately engaged her in and out of the classroom. Our daughter is now at our neighborhood school, but we started our son there. He is enjoying it just as much!
- Alison S.

Enhancing Your Child’s Early Learning Through Preschool Education

When considering the best ways to give your child an early start on education, preschool can be a great solution. Preschool provides young learners with engaging activities that target their developing mind and learning abilities while also helping them build key social skills for their future development. By taking advantage of the comprehensive educational services offered by preschools, you can help give your child the tools they need to succeed throughout their academic journey. With this blog post we aim to explore how preschool education is beneficial towards building a successful early learning foundation for children so that they may reach new heights later in life!

Benefits of Preschool Education for Your Child

Preschool education plays a pivotal role in enhancing your child’s early learning skills, fostering a solid foundation for their educational journey. The benefits of enrolling your child in preschool are truly innumerable.

First and foremost, preschool provides your child with a nurturing environment where they can develop essential social skills. They learn the art of sharing, taking turns, and collaborating with their peers. These skills can be quite challenging to acquire in isolation but thrive in a supportive classroom setting.


Moreover, preschool offers a platform for children to dive into basic academic skills in an engaging and interactive manner. Through imaginative play, hands-on activities, and stimulating games, they begin their adventure of learning the alphabet, counting, and even simple math concepts.

Beyond these immediate gains, preschool also acts as a bridge to primary school. It familiarizes children with the academic expectations and social dynamics they will encounter as they progress in their education. By attending preschool, children gain confidence, self-esteem, and a solid sense of responsibility. They are better equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead and embark on a lifelong path of continuous learning and holistic growth.

Investing in your child’s education at an early stage is an invaluable gift. By providing them with a preschool education, you are laying the groundwork for their future success, nurturing their curiosity, and instilling a zest for learning that will guide them throughout their lives.

Preparing Your Child for Preschool

Providing your child with the best start in life is a priority for every parent. One surefire way to enhance your child’s early learning journey is through enrolling them in a preschool education program. However, preparing your child for preschool requires careful planning and consideration.

Before the first day of preschool, it is important to have an open and honest conversation with your child about what to expect. This will help alleviate any anxieties they may have and build excitement for this new adventure. Additionally, organizing playdates with other children can aid in developing their socialization skills, providing them with valuable opportunities to interact and learn from their peers.

Beyond socialization, there are numerous ways to prepare your child for the classroom. Incorporating reading books and engaging in educational activities at home will help cultivate their curiosity and love for learning. This will not only enhance their cognitive abilities but also lay a solid foundation for academic success.

By taking these proactive steps, you can ensure that your child is well-equipped to thrive in the preschool environment. Remember, a positive early learning experience is crucial for their future growth and development.

Finding the Right Preschool

Finding the right preschool for your child is a crucial decision that can greatly enrich their early learning journey. Preschool education surpasses the mere preparation for kindergarten; it lays the groundwork for their cognitive, social, and emotional development.

As a parent, it’s imperative to ensure that your child is nurtured in an environment that caters to their unique needs and learning styles. In this regard, the process of selecting the perfect preschool may initially feel overwhelming. However, by conducting thorough research and dedicating time to visit potential schools, you can confidently make an informed decision regarding your child’s education.

The advantages of a high-quality preschool experience are far-reaching, leaving a lasting impact on your child’s future success in their academic and personal endeavors. With a solid foundation established during these early stages, your child is poised for continuous growth and achievement, extending well beyond their schooling years.


Introducing Your Child to Socialization in a Preschool Setting

Introducing your child to socialization in a preschool setting can be both exciting and challenging. As a parent, you may feel a mix of emotions as you prepare to leave your little one at school for the first time. However, rest assured that preschool education offers incredible opportunities for enhancing your child’s early learning.

At preschool, children have the chance to interact with teachers and fellow students, which plays a vital role in their social and emotional development. It is during this time that they acquire important skills that will benefit them for years to come. Encouraging your child to ask questions, make new friends, and explore their surroundings can lead to tremendous personal growth and accelerated learning.

Preschool provides a nurturing environment where children can thrive, fostering their curiosity and love for learning. The structured curriculum, combined with engaging activities and play-based learning, sparks their imagination and prepares them for future academic endeavors.

In addition to the educational aspects, preschool also enhances children’s social skills. They learn to collaborate, share, and develop empathy for others, all while establishing lifelong friendships. These early interactions form the foundation for building healthy relationships throughout their lives.

By enrolling your child in a preschool program, you are providing them with a strong educational foundation and setting them up for success. The transformative growth and development they experience during this crucial period will shape their future academic and social pursuits.

Helping Your Child Adjust to the Preschool Environment and Routine

As parents, we all want our children to flourish in their early learning experiences. Preschool education plays a pivotal role in enhancing their development and laying the foundation for future academic success. However, adjusting to the preschool environment can be challenging, especially if your child is accustomed to being at home or following a different routine.

But fear not, supporting your child’s transition to preschool can be a gradual and rewarding process. Start by fostering open communication with the educators and staff. Share any concerns or specific needs your child may have, and work together to create a nurturing environment tailored to their growth.

Introducing your child to the new preschool environment can be done in small steps. Begin by scheduling visits to the preschool, allowing them to become familiar with the space and meet their future classmates. Talk positively about the new routine, highlighting the exciting activities they will engage in and the friends they will make.

During this transition period, it’s crucial to provide your child with reassurance and encouragement. Encourage them to express any fears or anxieties they may have, and validate their emotions. Assure them that it’s normal to feel a little apprehensive, but emphasize the positive experiences that await them at preschool.

As your child embarks on their preschool journey, be patient and understanding. Give them time to adjust to the new routine and build relationships with their teachers and peers. Celebrate their achievements along the way, no matter how small, and offer praise and encouragement to boost their confidence.


Creating a Home-School Connection with Your Child’s Teacher

As parents, we share a common goal: providing the best for our children. One aspect of their early development that holds paramount importance is their education. Preschool education, in particular, plays a vital role in enhancing your child’s early learning journey. To ensure a strong home-school connection, fostering a solid relationship with your child’s teacher is essential.

By establishing an open line of communication and working together, you can support your child’s growth and development. Regularly engaging with your child’s teacher allows you to ask questions, share insights, and stay informed about your child’s progress. This collaboration creates a positive and supportive learning environment, both at home and in the classroom.

Remember, communication is key. Reach out to your child’s teacher to schedule meetings or participate in school activities. By actively engaging in your child’s education, you empower yourself as a parent and contribute to your child’s overall academic success.

Sending your child to preschool can be a big step, but it provides them with a unique opportunity to learn valuable skills and explore new experiences. As a parent, you play an important role in helping your child transition into their preschool experience. From finding the right school and introducing them to socialization, to connecting at home with your child’s teacher, there are many ways you can support your preschooler in their educational journey. With the right tools and resources, you can rest assured that your child will be able to experience all of the benefits of preschool education.

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