Quick and Delicious Meals for Busy Parents

We know that being a parent keeps you busy and on the go, with little free time. Meal preparation can be a time and attention-consuming process, and some days you just may not have enough of either to make a grand feast with all the courses and trimmings. But that’s no reason to sacrifice great taste or have to order takeout!

Here are some meal ideas that kids will enjoy and are quick and easy to whip up for the family:

1. Ham, Eggs, and Pancake Breakfast

An old classic, and easy to do – get some just-add-water pancake mix and stir it into batter, get some sliced deli ham out, along with 2-3 eggs per person. Toss a slice or two of ham in one frying pan on a medium setting and let it brown on each side while you cook the pancakes in another pan, flipping them when bubbles appear and the sides begin to brown slightly. Quickly stir the eggs while you wait, and when most of your ham and pancakes are ready, toss the eggs in another frying pan and scramble them up. Within just a few minutes, voila! You have a delicious and filling meal.

2. French Toast and Eggs

French toast is another easy dish – stir a few eggs into a bowl and all you have to do is dip a piece of bread in then toss it in a frying pan. Add a few eggs to the bowl of leftover eggs when you’re done making the French toast, fry em up, and you’ve got a scrumptious French toast and egg breakfast! Serve either the French toast or pancake breakfast with banana slices, berries, grass-fed butter, real maple syrup, and tea, coffee, and/or juice and you’ve got a breakfast in your own dining room in minutes that would have cost much money and time in a restaurant!

3. Chicken Caesar Wrap

This is especially quick if you cook up a chicken breast the night before when you’re cooking dinner, otherwise you’ll have to add the cooking time for that. If you’ve already cooked the chicken, just pull the cooked chicken breast out of the fridge, slice it up and toss it in a tortilla, add a line of Caesar dressing, some fresh green romaine lettuce, sprinkle on some grated parmesan cheese, and roll it up. Caesar would be pleased!

4. Ham and Turkey Roll-up

Even easier than the Chicken Caesar Wrap, if you’re really in a hurry, just squirt a bit of mustard or mayo on a tortilla, throw on a slice or two of ham and turkey (or really any cold cut meat you want!), and roll it up. They’re fun to handle, delicious to eat, and two or three make a good snack even for adults. Great for lunch at home, or on the go!

5. Tacos

Tacos are always a favorite family dinnertime dish. Fortunately, they’re also incredibly quick and easy to make. All you have to do is fry up some ground beef in a pan, drain the fat, and add some taco seasoning. Put some pre-shredded cheddar cheese in a bowl, chop up a few leaves of lettuce and put into a bowl, put some salsa and sour cream on the table, and serve with flour tortillas, crunchy shells, or if you want to take a few extra minutes, you can heat up some oil and quick-fry some corn tortillas for a tasty soft-crunchy mixed texture. Add toppings at the table, and enjoy in minutes!

Stay tuned for a vegetarian version of quick and easy meals. Bon Appetit!

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