Blog Introduction

Welcome to the Kids’ Work Chicago blog!

We are very excited to introduce this blog on our Kids’ Work Chicago site, and we have a lot of information and updates we look forward to sharing with you on it. There are several things we want to accomplish with this new space on our site.

For one, we want to reach out, interact with the parents and community of Kids’ Work Chicago, providing an ongoing source of information on day care, infant and pre-school care, and general outreach, with communication about what’s going on at the center, in the classrooms, with the students and teachers, and everything else that’s fit to print.

We also hope to be a source of information and inspiration to parenting through childcare, providing parents and families with useful tips and information about a number of different childcare aspects, from potty training to car seat safety and proper usage, traveling with children ages 0-5, infant/toddler finger foods, first finger foods, introducing new foods, preparing your youngster (ages 0-5) for preschool or daycare, separation anxiety, and everything in between.

In this space, we will also provide useful communication and updates about the Kids’ Work Chicago learning center and programs, as well as family-friendly information about the community and surrounding area in which Kids’ Work Chicago is located, from special events going on in the area to places and things to do and explore here.

Ever since this family-owned operation was founded by Lynda in 1978 as the humble little in-house operation fondly (and aptly) referred to as “Lynda’s house”, our goal at what has evolved into Kids’ Work Chicago has always been to provide a nurturing care environment that fosters creativity and allows kids to explore the world around them. Our newly renovated facilities allow us to do just, with individual classrooms, indoor multi-purpose play spaces, and state-of-the-art outdoor playgrounds.

With these facilities, as well as a wide variety of full- and part-time care options with low teacher-to-student ratios, flexible drop-off times, and dedicated primary care classrooms overseen by loving and nurturing caregivers, we aim to provide the best service to the parents and children that we possibly can, to foster an environment that develops the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of infants and pre-schoolers in Chicago. This blog is here to complement those things, even outside of the classroom and business hours.

Thanks for visiting us and we look forward to sharing this space with you!

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