Fun Things to Do with Kids for Easter

It’s Easter time!

Between the nicer weather that comes with the changing seasons and the fun of having a holiday that is celebrated with candy, chocolate, and bunnies, Easter is definitely one of the most fun holidays to celebrate with your little ones. If you’re looking for some fun ideas to do with kids to celebrate Easter this year, look no further. Grab some bunny ears and cotton tails, stick them on and have some fun!

Here are some things to do with kids for Easter:

1. Dye Easter Eggs

A long-standing tradition, coloring Easter eggs (now much more readily available with healthy, environmentally-friendly dyeing options than in the past!) is a lot of fun for kids and parents to do together. After spending a fun morning dyeing them, you can use them in the afternoon or the next day for a couple of the next ideas too!

2. Give Out Easter Eggs

Everyone loves the joy of getting and giving things for a special occasion! Grab some chocolate or dyed eggs and have fun brightening up the day of your family, friends and neighbors with your little ones. Bonus points for handing them out with bunny ears and cotton tails!

3. Go on an Easter Egg Hunt

An old classic not to be missed, grab some goodies, stuff them in a plastic egg (be sure to keep and reuse the same ones for next year to cut down on waste!) or find some fun Easter snacks and hide them around the house or yard for the little ones to find. Bonus points for healthy treats and useful goodies rather than junk food and junk!

4. Do a Spring Clean

Many people get a long weekend for the Easter holiday – it’s a great time to take advantage of a few extra days off to have both leisure days and productive days and do a big “spring clean”. Not only does it get the house clean, but it’s a great way to mark the changing of the seasons – and if you do it interspersed with some fun Easter activities and snacks with the kids, they (and you!) will associate the cleaning with fun!

5. Make Easter Bunny and Easter Themed Crayons

It’s colorful, useful, and fun, all at once! It’s fun and easy to make your own festive Easter-themed crayons at home. Use up those old broken crayon bits or the ones that have gotten too small to hold and have fun creating your own Easter-shaped crayons. Just use some Easter-themed molds (try eggs, the Easter bunny, carrots, etc.), and follow the instructions of this tutorial here.

6. Color Easter Coloring Pages

Who doesn’t love to color, especially for holidays and special occasions? After you’ve made your new crayons, you’ll need something to color with them of course! Hop on over to the internet to find some free coloring pages to print up for you and the kids – then you can decorate for Easter dinner with them! Here are some fun Easter pictures to get you started.

Have a very Hoppy Easter!

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